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"If Your Rental Property Qualifies, We Will Help You Find a Qualified Tenant in Just 28 Days or Our Service is FREE!"


The Sand Dollar Realty Group, Inc. is a local real estate brokerage specializing in investment properties. Over the years, we have helped hundreds of investors acquire and manage income properties throughout Central Florida. We referred investors to other property managers or helped them DIY. Now, because of the downsides with those two options, we have established Sand Dollar Property Management. 


One of the biggest challenges most investors and landlords have is getting vacancies filled. This is easy to understand with job requirements, household duties, kid activities and everything else piled on top. It's hard to find time to advertise your property, handle phone calls, show your property, screen tenants, handle leases and coordinate the new tenants move.


Vacancies can be very time consuming and expensive. They hang over your head, nagging at you day-after-day, because you know you're losing more and more income and your return on your investment is going down the drain.


Well, your nagging may soon be over with our new complete, turn-key no-vacancy service for time challenged and frustrated landlords.


If your property is accepted into our program, here's what we will do for you...


1. We will help coordinate any updates needed before showing your property. These updates might include cleaning, painting, landscaping or any other repairs that would help your property show better. We have a team of trusted contractors who work at attractive rates which will save you time and money!


2. We will use compelling online and offline advertisements to drive phone calls on your property from interested tenants.


3. We will setup showing appointments with each interested tenant and walk them through your property. During the showing, we will have all interested tenants complete a detailed rental application.


4. We will perform background checks including a complete criminal and credit check. We will review each application and present you with the applicants we believe to be qualified for your property.  


5. If the background check provides satisfactory results, we will collect the security deposit and have the lease signed with your new tenant. We will oversee their move-in, including the keys and utility transfers. Once settled into your rental property, we will turn the tenant over to you and move on to help another investor with their vacancy.


And you will have a new tenant in just 28 days, or our service is FREE!


But providing a free service isn't our goal! Our goal is to help you fill your vacancy in a timely manner with a qualified tenant. The reason why is because we know how important it is for you to keep your property rented. 


Obviously, this service requires a great deal of time and effort on our part. On average, we invest 30 to 40 hours with each property we accept. This simply means we don't have the ability to accept every property into our program. We have to be somewhat selective to ensure that we will be able to fill your vacancy in a timely manner!

To see if your property qualifies for our services, please complete the property survey below: