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How does your referral program work?

Sand Dollar Property Management will pay a referral fee of $200 to Licensed Real Estate Brokers and their agents for both owner and tenant referrals. In accordance with Florida Real Estate Regulations only active brokers/agents are eligible for a referral fee. The fee becomes payable to the Broker once the property is rented.

Realtor Information Sheet

Handout for Owners

When do you pay referral fees?

Referral fees are paid by the 15th of the calendar month after a tenant has moved into the property and Sand Dollar Property Management has received the first full month's rent.  For example, tenant moves in on the 21st of October, the referral fee will be paid on the 15th of November. Tenant moves in on October 1st, the referral fee will be paid on the 15th of October.

What do I need to do to receive a referral fee?

Register your client with us, providing their name, your affiliation, and license. Once received, fill out the referral form and send it back to us. Fax to 407 246 7118 or email to

Owner Client referrals will be contacted by us and we will determine if we have a fit or not. You may be asked to participate, such as getting info from the HOA, but generally we will handle the details and keep you in the loop.

All prospective tenant clients must be registered in our system prior to being shown the property for claim to a referral fee. No referral fees will be paid for prospects who were not registered with us prior to the client contacting our office. [We don't mean hours, we mean register before or the same day.]

How do I get the referral form?

You may download a copy of the form here.

How do I show a property?

As a licensed Real Estate Broker/Agent, you may utilize our lock box that is on each of our properties. Please check the MLS, this website or contact our office at 407-246-7118 ext. 803 to receive the appropriate code for each lock box and register your client.

Can I show a property on the weekend?

Yes. Please check the MLS, this website or contact our office at 407-246-7118 ext. 803 to obtain the proper lock box code and showing instructions.

How do I receive a copy of your available properties?

We send out an updated list with all of our available properties. Sign in below to receive our list and Realtor Updates. We promise to keep your address private. You can also view our available properties online at this site. Please go here and click on the "Notify Me" so you are updated.

What do I do after my client views a property?

If they want to rent the property, they simply complete an application online and pay the application fee. In an effort to provide the best housing opportunities for our residents, we ask that each prospective resident fill out a brief showing feedback form whether or not they complete an application. Please be sure that this is completed and returned to us. Download Feedback Form and fax to 407 246 7118 or email to


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