Our Company

High Retention, Low Eviction

Team Members:

Rob Arnold, Broker, Sand Dollar Realty Group, Inc.; Richard H. Zwick, Property Manager & Realtor/Broker Associate (Zwick Realty Group of Sand Dollar Realty Group, Inc.); Sherry Zwick, Co-Owner & Marketing; along with our team of licensed professionals for all property care, maintenance, repairs, renovations and emergencies.

Vision and Goal:

To be the property management company in Central Florida with an unmistakable reputation as the company that provides its clients the best service, most cared after properties returning the highest return on their investment.


To provide effective, professional property management services for residential and commercial property owners.

Commitments to Our Owners are:

  1. Reduced vacancy times, reduced maintenance costs and increased rental incomes resulting in higher profits for their investment.
  2. Eliminate the hassles of being a landlord and the associated tenant issues.
  3. Improved quality of life as we eliminate the time necessary to properly manage properties.

Company Commitments:

  1. Integrity and honesty to our clients, tenants, our team and to ourselves.
  2. Outstanding customer service to our clients and tenants alike.
  3. Being excellent communicators, always over-communicating to our property owners and tenants.
  4. Making business decisions that are in harmony with our vision, mission statements and company commitments.
  5. Personal and professional growth and development of ourselves and employees.
  6. Open, positive and valuable communications with all whom we interact, including ourselves.
  7. A fun, family oriented workplace.
  8. Being a sales driven organization, seeking continual improvement through specific measurable financial goals.

Company Strengths:

  1. Experience as landlords for personally owned properties.
  2. Provide better personal care for owners, combined with automation and 24/7 access to their property information.
  3. Have created access to marketing systems and methods that other property management companies are not knowledgeable of and therefore do not utilize.
  4. Sand Dollar Property Management IS OWNED AND OPERATED BY INVESTORS, FOR INVESTORS - All the principals in Sand Dollar Property Management are investors and have been working with investors for over 61 years combined. That's our edge. We understand investors and investing goals. We are in the market and keep up-to-date on what affects it from an investor's point of view. You have to find a property manager with an investor mindset, or their goals may not be in line with yours.
  5. Full time and on-call maintenance contact center, supported by licensed professionals .
  6. A Florida attorney who specializes in investment properties to handle leases and evictions, along with other questions or issues.
  7. Financially solid - no matter what number of properties we manage.
  8. Personal attention to your asset - inspections, reports, maintenance and more.

Services: Residential Property Management. Detailed Services that are standard with each property management contract include:

  1. Property market rental evaluations.
  2. Advertise properties for rent.
  3. Ensure properties are in excellent condition for market representation and showings.
  4. Show properties for rent.
  5. Tenant screening including criminal search, sex offender search, credit report, employment history and verification, previous address verification and previous landlord contact. References contacted.
  6. Monthly collection of all rents and disbursement of said rent to the appropriate parties.
  7. Create and distribute an itemized monthly property financial report to the Property Owner detailing all costs for that specific month and year to date.
  8. Exterior property inspections twice a year and interior property inspections twice a year, ensuring property is being properly maintained. All uploaded to your portal.
  9. Evictions handled through our attorney at a reduced rate.
  10. Emergency and regular maintenance handled through our licensed and professional contractor vendor.

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  • Sand Dollar Property Management

  • 801 W. State Road 436 Suite 2065 Altamonte Springs, FL 32714
  • Phone: 407-246-7118
  • Fax: 407-541-0780

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