How much rent can you get for your investment?
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How Much Can My Home Rent For?

How Much Do I Offer for Purchase Price?

The Sand Dollar Realty Group, Inc. is a local real estate brokerage specializing in investment properties. Over the years, we have helped hundreds of investors acquire and manage income properties throughout Central Florida. We referred investors to other property managers or helped them DIY. Now, because of the downsides with those two options, we have established Sand Dollar Property Management.

One of the biggest challenges most investors and landlords have is getting vacancies filled, quickly with the best tenants at the best rental rate. This is easy to understand with job requirements, household duties, kid activities and everything else piled on top. It's hard to find time to advertise your property, handle phone calls, show your property, screen tenants, handle leases and coordinate the new tenants move. Say nothing of managing all the breakdowns.

There are two other critical challenges to owning investment must know:

  1. How much rent can I realistically receive for this unit, in this market and area right now.
  2. How much to offer, pay for and rehab a property before you even buy it.

Rental Rates

A key factor to success in the investment real estate business requires thorough research of markets and individual properties. Collecting this information is time consuming, often biased and not very reliable. Our Rental AVM provides an investor with reliable estimates of necessary rental market intelligence for confident decision making. Our unbiased methodology significantly reduces research time, while providing a comprehensive set of actionable current and historic market and rental estimates.

The long term success of an investment real estate portfolio requires an investor to minimize acquisition cost, maximize income and to exit a property at the appropriate time. The "Advanced Report" provides industry leading estimates for: rental and vacancy rates, saturation rates, closest matched comps, historic trending, etc. - all on demand.

Advanced Report Uses:

Leverage us to make more informed decisions on your investment portfolio.

Here's a sample rental income report screenshots - plus we can advise you what to offer on this or any other property BEFORE you buy.

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