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Florida Rental Laws - An Overview of Landlord Tenant Rights in Central Florida

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Are you a Florida landlord who is just getting started? Or perhaps you're an experienced landlord with a sizable collection of investments? Regardless of where you are in your landlord career, you must stay current on Florida laws. The legal obligations and rights of both landlords and tenants are described in this legislation.It is e...

Reasons to Invest in Central Florida Real Estate

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Investing in real estate is a substantial move that requires careful consideration of location, market trends, and the economic landscape. Central Florida, known for its bustling cities, thriving tourism industry, and rapidly growing population, presents a great opportunity for landlords and real estate investors. Here are some of th...

Top Tips When Buying Investment Property in Central Florida

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When it comes to investing in real estate, Central Florida stands out as a promising destination. With its thriving tourism industry, growing population, and robust job market, Central Florida offers ample opportunities for investors. However, successful real estate investment requires careful planning and consideration.Why Consider Real ...

Selling your Rental Property

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Check out our facebook live video on selling your property. Should you sell your property or continue to rent?We discuss:Taxes, depreciation, appreciation, and leveraging Your Investment to help you acquire more income properties. View Facebook Live Video

Determining Rents for Existing Tenants

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Check out our latest facebook live video on how to determine rent.We Discuss:How to predict rent before purchasing a property, CMAs (comparative market analysis) through RentRange and similar tools, the 1% rule, when to drop rental price, and much more! View Facebook Live Video

Move In and Move Out Inspections

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Check out our latest Facebook Live video on performing move-in and move-out inspections on your rental properties. View Facebook Live Video

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