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Our staff is professional, courteous, informed and experienced. Our team members hold a FL Real Estate License, are investors, and/or are trained in property management. By capitalizing on technology, trained, skilled remote team members, local in-the-field team members, plus vetted vendors we can offer multiple services that would be cost prohibitive for individual owners and smaller companies. We have one of the strongest marketing programs in the industry, utilizing the most up to date marketing techniques available in the industry. We stay on top of changing trends and legal issues to protect our client's interests. We also have an emergency maintenance contact center on call 24 hours a day to stabilize emergency issues that could lead to much larger problems or increased liability for the owner.


If a tenant qualified by Sand Dollar Property Management breaks the Lease Agreement for any reason within the first three (3) months of tenancy, we will waive our customary leasing fee and re-rent your property for free.


All the principals in Sand Dollar Property Management are investors and have been working with investors for over 65 years combined. That's our edge. We understand investors and investing goals. We are active in the market and keep up-to-date on what affects it from an investor's point of view.

Qualified Staff

Licensed, experienced, dedicated, & dependable team members. Managing your real estate assets is an integral part of our real estate services, not a sideline. The principals are also investors and work with investors, and we have a team of licensed, vetted, professionals for all property care, maintenance, repairs, renovations and emergencies.


The dirty little secret about property managers is this: with a $1000 monthly rent, a property manager only loses $5 per month if the rent is reduced to $950 to rent it fast and easily. You lose $50 per month. Their goals may not be in line and may even be contrary to yours - especially if they do not know nor understand your financial and investment goals as an investor. That's $600 per year to you that may mean hitting your returns or not. Plus, when you raise rents, you start at $950 and not $1000. There is a CATCH!

Conversely, if the rent is too high, it could take 60 days or more to rent, and you lose even more. Lost rent because of unnecessary vacancy time is income never recovered. We have a sure-fire way of knowing within 7-14 days if the rent is too high - no waiting for 30-60 days to realize it needed to be lower. Check out our calculator that demonstrates the impact of lost rent.

Sand Dollar Property Management principals are investors. We do a Rent CMA and use other means available to us to determine the highest but BEST rent to rent fast AND meet your investment goals. Our marketing is second to none in getting exposure for your property. Besides the traditional methods and progressive internet marketing tools, we have a few very non-traditional and creative ways to blend these two opposing forces of highest, yet best rent.

Because we are also investors and have worked with investors for years, we have learned to carefully and objectively research the real world, rental rates of properties. We check online and use all our paid resources to see what properties are currently available for rent, in a specific neighborhood or zip code. Our goal is to find 4 or 5 similar properties so we are comparing apples to apples. Unless you have something very distinctive and more than worth it to a tenant, if you price your rental $50 above what other similar properties in the neighborhood are priced at, it will sit vacant a long time.

A strong Market Analysis and an HONEST assessment of market rent are critical for a successful property management campaign. Let our Property Manager provide you with a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) so that you will know exactly how your property stacks up in the current rental market. This analysis will also highlight any improvements that are recommended for your property. Click here to begin this process right now.


There are a large number of things inside and outside your rental that need to be checked carefully so tenants are not turned off.

We begin our relationship with a free property evaluation. Once you have hired us, we do an initial "Rental Ready" 132 point comprehensive inspection and written report with photos.

We check everything, from ensuring the closet doors are hung properly in the bedrooms, to looking under the sink for any water leaks. It is vital we are thorough, because each of the areas on our checklist will either offer a positive or negative impression to tenants. However, the average property manager or landlord often just does the minimum to get a house ready for rent. This is a mistake and results in the property sitting vacant for months, and eventually, renting to a lower quality tenant, who typically pays the rent late and doesn't take care of the home.


We do not charge management fees when your property is vacant - unless the vacancy is required by you.
We do not charge management fees on uncollected rent.


Every Management Agreement will eventually end. Whether it is a year later or thirty years later. However, are the conditions for termination difficult or easy? Can you do it any time or does it have to be within a narrow window of time only at the yearly anniversary? The Sand Dollar Property Management, LLC Agreement is easy and flexible as you will find anywhere. We are confident that you will not want to terminate, but if you do, we make it easy - no need to force lots of fees out of you if you do not want to stay. PLUS, we make it simple and easy to sell your property. If you terminate during your first year with us, you will owe the remaining management fees, after that it is month-to-month and no additional fees.

These are the provisions:
NOTE: Termination by LANDLORD is effective when actually physically received by BROKER BY CERTIFIED MAIL.

If a Lease Agreement has not been executed and no Tenant placed, you may terminate immediately in writing at any time and the only costs are any out of pocket expenses related to your property or $300 whichever is greater.
In the event this agreement is terminated and a tenant(s) has been placed, during the first year, the remainder of management fees for that lease period are due; after that, it is month to month and only that month's management fees are due.

No Management Fees After Termination

Many Management Agreements stipulate that if you terminate the Agreement and the tenant remains in the property, you could owe fees to the former agent as long as the tenant remains. With Sand Dollar Property Management, We only ask that you give it a year, if you cancel in the first year, you will pay management fees for the remainder of the term of the current tenant lease. After the first year, your agreement is on a month-to-month basis, cancel any time, no further fees.


Many Property Management Agreements stipulate that if you decide to sell your property, you could owe a commission to the management agent even if they did not sell the property. We can sell the property for you, however, the Sand Dollar Property Management, LLC Agreement has no such provision. Owners referred to Sand Dollar Property Management by another agent or Realtor, will be referred back to that Realtor to sell the property. We work with Sand Dollar Realty Group, Inc. [with one owner, Rob Arnold, in common] and you will be referred to an agent or Realtor of Sand Dollar Realty Group, Inc. if you do not have one. [Note: Richard H. Zwick is a principal in and a property manager with Sand Dollar Property Management, LLC and a licensed Realtor/ Broker Associate with Sand Dollar Realty Group, Inc. and he can sell your property]


We give passionate attention to detail in marketing, screening for good tenants, & finding high quality, preferred pricing repairmen. We have a process for attracting a constant stream of quality tenants. We have a process for every area of our business, including providing an online Portal for Residents and Owners.

Accounting, automated rent collection, payments, service requests, tools, sharing docs, screening and online marketing are all handled through our dashboard, website and portals. Our marketing methods have been developed through experience and many are "outside the norm" with excellent results. With all of these systems, we have a unique edge with first rate performance.


Why would we put this in the section about being "unique"? Well, let me ask you - how many times have you tried to get your property manager or Realtor on the phone? When did they return your call? How and when does your property manager show your properties? What methods do they have to combat the scammers and fraud? Have you ever rented and tried to get a property manager on the phone let alone show a property on the weekend? Go some ads. See what happens.

Leasing Automation and Fraud Prevention

ShowMojo automates the leasing process for property managers and investors across North America, delivering significant cost savings, happier staff, reduced market times, and a better experience for prospective tenants.

ShowMojo positions companies to grow their door count without the same, linear growth in leasing staff. And ShowMojo provides unparalleled insights into the residential leasing funnel, enabling a culture of constant process and performance improvements.

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We are open for business from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. weekdays. After hours and on weekends we are available by telephone at 407-246-7118, and we do return calls. Someone is always on call for tenant emergencies.

As for tenant calls - we have a 24/7 maintenance team, and emergency responsiveness. Prospective tenants can schedule self showings, talk to a human being and apply 24/7. Security measures are in place to thwart scammers for our owner and prospective resident protection.

The Benefits

Of Using Sand Dollar Property Management

No Hassle Management
Automated Owner Statements
Online Owner
Portal Access
Industry Leading Marketing Tools
24/7 Maintenance Request Handling
Prompt Response To Tenant Requests
Vacancy Rate
Low Time
On Market
Industry Specific Local Knowledge
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The Sand Dollar Property Management Advantage

Our staff is professional, courteous, informed and experienced. We stay on top of changing trends and legal issues to protect our client's interests.

What We Offer: Reasonable Rates

Reasonable Rates

You may be paying too much and getting too little!

  • Compare services AND prices. We do not nickel and dime you.
  • Our rates are among the fairest in Central Florida.
  • ur services are among the best.
  • It is true "hassle free and turn-key" cash flow investing.
  • We treat your property as our own investment and we don't let it sit vacant for months.
  • All management fees and services are tax deductible.
  • We do the work and you deduct the expenses from your taxes.


Advice about preparing your property for rent and current market rental rates in the neighborhood, along with a fit for your financial goals.

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