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We work hard to find the right tenant for your investment

We have a rapid, but thorough process for qualifying good tenants, and getting them to put down a deposit on your rental, quickly. We are picky, but fast. You have to be in the rental market - especially now. We want to take a good tenant off the market as soon as possible.

Our comprehensive tenant qualification process has an answer in 20 minutes and is verified with phone calls by us in no more than 2 business days. We are able to get a deposit within 30 minutes. it is fast, BUT also comprehensive

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It involves a complete analysis of:

  • Credit worthiness as reported by national credit bureaus, including NSF checks and fraud detection
  • National criminal search that includes sex offender and terrorist database searches
  • National eviction history database search
  • Resident rental history including payment performance and collections

We can then phone verify as needed, such as:

  • Current residency
  • Previous residency for at least the last 24 months without interruption
  • Employment

A big part of our long-term success in meeting your investment goals comes from the way we screen tenants. However, one size doesn't always fit all. You can follow our standards that match market demands or we can configure Tenant Screening to fit your level of comfort. You determine the risk profile and set the standards for acceptance, combining:

  • Credit
  • Income
  • Criminal history
  • Evictions
  • Check writing history

Sand Dollar Property Management Tenant Screening supports Fair Housing compliance by setting 'rules' within our system that are enforced for all applicants, ensuring each applicant is judged fairly. Our Tenant Screening also provides Adverse Action Letters and audit trails to help document compliance.

These are the primary methods of advertising and marketing your property - we have others. Our primary edge is that we are also investors and manage our own properties. We know from experience and tracking marketing results for years what works and what does not.

The Benefits

Of Using Sand Dollar Property Management

No Hassle Management
Automated Owner Statements
Online Owner
Portal Access
Industry Leading Marketing Tools
24/7 Maintenance Request Handling
Prompt Response To Tenant Requests
Vacancy Rate
Low Time
On Market
Industry Specific Local Knowledge
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The Sand Dollar Property Management Advantage

Our staff is professional, courteous, informed and experienced. We stay on top of changing trends and legal issues to protect our client's interests.

What We Offer: Reasonable Rates

Reasonable Rates

You may be paying too much and getting too little!

  • Compare services AND prices. We do not nickel and dime you.
  • Our rates are among the fairest in Central Florida.
  • ur services are among the best.
  • It is true "hassle free and turn-key" cash flow investing.
  • We treat your property as our own investment and we don't let it sit vacant for months.
  • All management fees and services are tax deductible.
  • We do the work and you deduct the expenses from your taxes.


Advice about preparing your property for rent and current market rental rates in the neighborhood, along with a fit for your financial goals.

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